Top 10 Best Romantic Tips for Men

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Romance coming from men can help transform a friendship into a relationship or make an old relationship more exciting. So if you want to re-ignite your relationship by doing something thoughtful, here are ten great romantic tips:

1. Plan a sunset picnic

You can't go wrong with a romantic picnic at sunset. Just choose a nice, cozy spot for the two of you and combine it with a bottle of champagne.

2. Plan a romantic candlelit dinner
Pick a location in advance and surprise her with a romantic candlelit dinner.

3. Get a loveseat
You could even use your sofa to cuddle up. Or, put a loveseat in front of the fireplace.

4. Recreate your first date
This is a great romantic date tip; try to retain the original atmosphere of the date. This could include wearing the same clothes you wore on your first date — if they still fit. This date might turn out to be a great bonding experience.

5. Get cozy

Enjoy just being together. Always remember to hold her hand when you are in public or walking together.

6. Create special memories
This might be the most important romantic tip, because good memories make for good relationships. Take pictures often and create a scrapbook or photo album that highlights these special memories.

7. Take a surprise weekend off
Pack your travel bags and get away from it all during the weekend with a surprise vacation for her.

8. Accompany her to her favorite activity
Tennis, bowling, or a tear-jerker movie may not be your idea of the perfect night off. Despite this, accompany her without complaining.

9. Use love tokens
A great romantic tip and idea for men is to use a jar filled with love tokens. Make the tokens exchangeable for kisses, hugs, etc. Then, give the jar to your girl so that she can use them when she wants.

10. Learn to dance
A few new dance moves can really spice up the romance in a relationship.