Top 10 Best Romantic Tips for Women

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Often, going that extra mile to make your man feel special makes all the difference. Here we have a series of tips to fire up the romance in your relationship.

  • Cooking a special meal for him is sure to tell him that not only are you multi-talented, but care enough to make a special spread only for him. Needless to say, it is another excuse for some more “us” time!

  • Listen when he shares his inner desires, likes, and fears. Nudge and guide, and above all, be interested. What’s more; you will get more info about what you should do next to impress him!

  • Put little notes everywhere he can find all day. They could be love notes, smileys, or lines from love poetry or songs.  He will spend the whole day dreaming about you and you about him.

  • Creating a spa atmosphere with special lighting, candles, and essential oils is one of the best ways to make him feel pampered and to have that special time together.

  • Plan a holiday/picnic/excursion to his favorite place. Plan details all by yourself. He will love the feeling of being pampered.

  • Play truth or dare

  • Have a secret code for intimate sharing and use it in a crowd. It could be for saying, “I love you,” “You look lovely,” or “I want to kiss you.”

  • Act silly with him now and then. It lightens up the mood, and gets him to become playful. It also tells him you are comfortable enough with him to be yourself, which is great cement for your relationship.

  • Compliment. Men like to be complimented too. Notice small things about him and praise them. He may or may not respond, but he is sure to love it.