Top 10 best, easy, most played Facebook Games 2012 May

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What can be more fun than having free games and in the same time expand your friend list? Here we have collected the 10 most addictive Facebook games.  

Facebook Games are different from their console and desktop counterparts. It trades long sessions of game play for short, frequent interactions, and the game mechanics take advantage of new and existing social connections and weave them into the traditional goal and reward model that is at the heart of every game. This calls for radically different approach of development for Facebook games. You can't plug in any existing game in Facebook and call it one. 

10. Diamond Dash

9. Angry Bird

8. Tetris Battle

7. Pool Live Tower

6. Chess

5. Bejeweled Blitz

4. Bouncing Balls

3. War Commander

2.Nightclub City

1. Magic Land