Top 10 most amazing pen in the world 2012 April

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10. Ostrich Pen

English word “pen” originated from Latin “penna” (feather of a bird) since widespread popularity was acquired by goose feathers, which were squared at the root. However using feathers to write is a thing long past. Most of the designers move from past to future, however, this designer Arizona is moving backwards resulting in this cool creation that uses an Ostrich Head and feather.

9. Hyperdermic Pen

injection pen

Syringe shape injection pen with colored inks. Looks like the real thing! Just what the doctor ordered! Unique product for the medical profession. Perfect for doctors’ offices, radiology labs, hospitals and more.

8. Jack Pot Pen

jack pot pen

Pen with slot machine handle. Feeling lucky? Crank the handle just like a real one armed bandit and let the good times roll! Medium black ink.

7. Star Wars Lego Pens

star war pens

Combining Lego with Star Wars is, few would argue, a masterstroke. Combine Star Wars, Lego and stationary together an, as far as we’re concerned, you’re a damned genius.
The Star Wars Lego Pen Sets come with three pens offering Yoda, Darth Vader and R2-D2 in self assembly format – meaning all manner of creations are possible (most of them just not right).

6. Free Ride Pen

free ride pen

When you want to go all out with your writing utensil, look no further than the free ride from Jean Pierre Lepine’s free ride pen. The design has quite a bit of technology involved behind it. It’s asymmetric so that the center of gravity lowers in order to give the pen a tumbler effect so it won’t roll. Jean Pierre Lepine spent months researching, testing, and perfecting it.

The Free Ride is designed to be different, ergonomic, and fun. This push top ballpoint features a soft rubber like material in the vital sections where finger meets pen. Complete with a roller wheel pocket clip and a padded push button end this writing instrument is sure to get you noticed next time you need to whip out a pen in public.

5. Sudoku and Puzzle Pens

Sudoku Pen

Such pens are for those boring office meetings where you need a refreshing break for mind. These bring you plenty of sudoku, cross words, mazes and color matching and thousands of more games. Many varieties, cheap and fun!

4. Shredder Pen

shredder pen

The young ladies are going to love this shredder pen that fits perfectly into Girl Tech’s Password Journal. There are so many secrets for the young fillies, and here’s a way to write them down and then shred them right up, Nixon-style. It’s downright therapeutic.
There’s also an FM radio inside with an attached earphone, so the snide little girls and women can completely tune you out, you, like, non-listening, like, non-understanding parent, you know?

3. UV Spy Pen

uv spy pen
The spy pen features ink that is made of special high-brightness compounds that are invisible to the naked eye, but magically illuminates when exposed to a blacklight, conveniently located on the opposite end of the pen. The blacklight allows you to read any messages left to you by your spy friends. Perfect for writing down secret spy messages, scrawling secret grocery lists, or keeping a catalogue of all of your internet

2. Pendragon


This pen is crazy. First of all (wait are we still on first?) I gotta tell you that the name of this pen is “Pendragon” and it’s a construct-your-own pen. It’s name is Pendragon. What else you do you need to know!? Pendragon.
The pen has four parts. It’s got the Nib, the Central Unit, the End Part, and the Expandable Units. The Nib is the writing part. it can be changed to a ballpoint, pen, fountian-pen, mechanical pencil, or digital pen. The Central Unit has, get this, the LED light – important!, a music player, charger input, memory card, and battery. The End Part has a bluetooth connection to whatever headphones you choose to use in collaboration with the mp3s youve put in the Central Unit. Expandable Units! Camera, microphone, laser pointer, chop, corrector, usb connetion, WLAN reciever to connect to computer, internet. Bonus: pen-dock to connect to computer, charge, and work with the mic.

1. Color Picker Pen

Color Picker Pen

For all those out there who buy cosmetics online, “life is like a box of chocolates” You never know what color you are really going to get. Now there is a practical solution for these fashion fiascos – an ink pen by Korean designer Jinsun Park called the color picker pen. It works much like the eyedropper tool on Photoshop, this pen captures colors as they naturally appear in real life and then these colors can be used for physical drawings. A sensor detects a color in an object (your sneakers, perhaps?) and then matches the scanned color to a color display. An RGB cartridge (red, green, and blue) then mixes inks in the right proportions to create real ink that is the same color as the color scanned into the device.

Bonus: Brando Pen

brando pen

This device is a classic “jack of all trades/master of none”, in that while it does a wide variety of things, it doesn’t do any of them terribly well. But however, its a multifunctional gadget. It’s a 1GB USB thumb drive! It’s an MP3 player! It’s a voice recorder! It’s an FM radio! and by the way it’s a pen!