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Mayuri Kango, also known as Mayoori Kango, is an Indian actress from Aurangabad, India. She has acted in a number of films, primarily Bollywood. Mayuri completed her schooling from Saint francies De Sale Aurangabad and has also been student of deogiri college Aurangabad. Her mother is a noted stage actress, which sparked her interest in acting.

Kango married an NRI named Aditya Dhillon on December 28, 2003, They had their wedding in Aurangabad.

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While visiting her mother in Mumbai, she came in contact with director Saeed Akhtar Mirza. The director quickly recognized her talent and offered her the role of the female protagonist in his film Naseem (1995), a Bollywood film based on the Babri Masjid demolition. First she declined the offer as she had to appear for her HSC board exams. But later, after some discussion with the director, accepted the role.

Mahesh Bhatt was impressed by her performance and offered her the lead role in his next film Papa Kahte Hain(1996). Though film was not a critical success, her acting received generally positive reviews. She was seen in Betaabi (1997) against Arshad Warsi.

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