Most Popular Bollywood Hindi Songs in 2012

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At one point of time in Bollywood, sweet voice of Lata and Rafi was integral part of Hindi films but nowadays that place has been given to fast tracks and party dancers. Music and dance has always been a way to attract public for any Hindi movie in India. For this very purpose, movie directors tend to cast females that are very professional dancers. Madhuri Dixit held top level position in the art of dancers in super hit Hindi movies. This is what makes Bollywood different from other film making houses. The music of any movie can make or mar the popularity of movie and playback singing is very common practice in those movies. Bollywood calendar of 2012 started with the release of Players (2012) and Chaalis Chauraasi (2012) on same date but the songs of Bollywood Hindi movies are always introduced earlier that is the reason for “Chikni Chameli” to top the list at beginning of new year because the movie in which  the song is included is not yet released. Here is the list of top 10 most popular Bollywood songs of 2012.
10. Anarkali Disco Chali (Film: Housefull 2)
9. Chikni Chameli (Film: Agneepath)
8. Vo Dekhnay Mein (Film: London Paris New York)
7. I Will Do The Talking Tonight (Film: Agent Vinod)
6. Kahaani (Film: Kahaani)
5.  O Saiyyan (Film: Agneepath)
4. Hosanna (Film: Ek Deewana Tha)
3. Raabta (Film: Agent Vinod)
2. Thehree Si Zindagi (Film: London Paris New York)
1. Tore Bina (Film: Kahaani)