The Most Expensive Dog Ever Sold 2012 May

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The Most Expensive Dog Ever Sold – Other than jewelry or luxury cars in China ultramilionari of the real status symbols is owning a dog. But not just any, but a Tibetan mastiff red, good luck on this side of the world, while the race is considered sacred (Tibetans believe that dogs have souls of monks and nuns who were not pure enough to be reincarnated in human human) and the bearer of health and welfare of the owners. And the new “boss” Big Splash (Hong Dong in Chinese), the name of the 11-month-old puppy was almost a meter tall at the withers by 81 kg in weight, has plenty of well-being, as it is a gentleman Coal of northern China. In short, one of the many new multimillionaires who populate the Asian country and did not flinch in signing a check for 10 million yuan (some 1.1 million euros) to take home the dog, grew up in beef, chicken, ginseng and sea mollusks (Chinese specialties) in the Tibetan Mastiff Garden in Laoshan, near Qingdao.
Here’s Big Splash, The Most Expensive Dog Ever Sold! Not gold but his hair is red! Splah Tibetan Mastiff is a big red purchased at the age of 11 months by a Chinese tycoon for the modest sum of $ 1,513,417 (10 million Chinese yuan). The identity card of Big Splash (English translation of Hond Dong): almost 100 kg of weight for 90 inches tall! Eat only chicken and beef.
Big Splash belongs to a breed almost impossible and very ancient. The Tibetan mastiffs, as the name implies, are bred for thousands of years the Tibetan plateau. Dogs are surrounded by a halo of legend. Aristotle described them as the fruit of the union of dogs and tigers, according to Marco Polo and other travelers in the East were as tall as a donkey and powerful as a lion in the features and voice, until the nineteenth century British explorers, they exposed like beasts in the London Zoo!

The Tibetan Mastiff is considered a sacred animal in which the soul can be accepted by a Buddhist monaco. China has become a status symbol. Its price is thus began to climb higher. Maybe a little ‘too! And you would spend all this money for a dog?