Top 10 Finalists of Sexiest Women of The World 2011-1012

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Once again, the 500+ women who competed in the world’s Grand Slam pageants in 2012 were evaluated, this time on a different factor: Sexiness. A difficult task on selecting these 25 beauties, worthy of appearing in any swimsuit calendar this year. Originally 24 finalists made the cut, but one more was added due to the excellent level of beauties competing for the title of Sexiest Woman Alive 2011-12.

Leila Lopes - Angola
Scherri Lee Biggs - Australia
Daniela Nunez - Bolivia
Drielly Bennettone - Brazil
Johanna Solano - Costa Rica
Evalina van Putten - Curacao
Carlina Duran - Dominican Republic
Aferdita Dreshaj - Kosovo
Daniella Rahme - Lebanon
Amanda Warecka - Poland