Top 10 hottest adult cinema's Stars, Actresess

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10. Kristina Rose

When she's not tearing up rich people's houses in rap videos like King Fantastic's "Why? Where? What?" Kristina Rose is taking it up her cooter on camera. She's sort of carved a niche for her anal abilities, but Rose is pretty much capable of doing it all. We'd like to think some of her appeal has to do with her unique brand of sass. She just seems to move with a little hip-hop diddy bop that most porn actresses lack. And she's sort of halfway hipster, halfway San Fernando-valley porn girl. Which makes her... hopefully single. Ms. Rose, do we have a shot? We forgot to ask you last time.

9. Faye Reagan

Ever look at an American Apparel ad and think, "Wow, I wish that model chick did porn." Well guess what? Faye Reagan does. She entered the porn business in 2008, right around the time she was starring in a print ad campaign for AP. At the time, hipster-looking girls were something of a rarity in porn. They still kind of are, but Reagan has definitely broadened the scope of what's acceptable in mainstream sex films. Were you even wacking it to redheaded chicks before her? Doubt it. Now we just wish she'd ditch her fiancee Dane Cross. Seriously dude, do you have to be in every scene?

8. Abella Anderson

By this time next year, Abella Anderson could be #1 on this list. So all you other porn chicks, watch out. The diminutive Latina has a thing for moving her hips like she's dancing to a salsa jam, and she fucks like she's on a dance floor. Seriously, google "Abella Anderson Johnny Sins" and try to find one of the hottest porn scenes in recent memory. Part of Anderson's appeal is that she looks like a chick we could bag on South Beach. And that may be why all the chicks in Porn Valley have to be on their toes... err, knees... that much more.

7. Sunny Leone

Is Sunny Leone the hottest Indian chick in porn? Perhaps. Leone got her start in the early aughts, when she did pictorial work for magazines like Penthouse and Hustler (she was Penthouse Pet Of The Year in 2003). In 2005, she transitioned into hardcore porn by signing a three-year contract with Vivid, but initially only did lesbian scenes (boo!). Then in 2007, when her contract was up for renewal, she agreed to do scenes with men. Well, sort of. She wanted to only film with her fiancee Matt Erikson. That lasted all of a year. Soon, she was fucking everyone, and the internet rejoiced. Today, she's successfully transitioned into directing, but she thankfully still finds the time to perform in the occasional scene.

6. Jennifer White

Jennifer White is relatively new on the scene (she started in 2009), but in a short period of time she's carved out a reputation as a starlet willing to do just about anything to make a scene pop. Especially anal. And in porn, that's what separates a star from just another pretty face.

5. Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann is 39-years old, which makes her something of a dinosaur in porn. She actually entered the industry in 1993, but quit just a few years later amidst an AIDS scare. Despite her huge breasts and beautiful face, Ann was largely a marginal talent until 2008, when her resemblance to then Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin landed her the lead role in the XXX parody "Who's Nailin Paylin?" That part steamrolled into a bit part in Eminem's "We Made You" video, and despite her MILF status, Ann soon found herself to be one of the most popular actresses in porn. When it comes to Sarah Palin, Lisa Ann >>> Tina Fey.

4. Asa Akira

Asa Akira spent her formative years in Japan, before migrating to the United States, carving out a career for herself as a stripper (and occasional Complex model). Asa started her porn career mostly doing girl on girl scenes before getting up the courage sex it up with a dude on camera. Before long, she was a pro. Of late, she's carved out a niche as an anal queen and has become one of the most bankable Asian stars in porn history. When not screwing on camera, she's on twitter talking about hip-hop with rap writers like your esteemed author. Which makes her just that much hotter to us.

3. Kayden Kross

Kayden Kross is so swag that she did some writing for Complex last year. Seriously, she's got to be one of the brainiest porn stars ever (no pun intended, although that's true too). Since entering porn in 2006, the California native has had exclusive contracts with major porn studios like Adam & Eve, Vivid and Digital Playground while amassing a huge fan base due to her jack-of-all-trades capabilities.

2. Isis Taylor

Ms. Taylor's only been around a few years (she entered the game in 2008) but in that short period of time she's earned herself quite a loyal fan base among the work-from-home crowd. It's not so much any particular skill she has in the sack— she rides a pole like anyone else on our list— but that she's so darn cute. Would you look at that face? Some women just greatly benefit from what God gave them, and Isis definitely does. Plus she's got just that little bit of baby fat still on her. 21 years old never looked so good.

1. Tori Black

Tori Black's worth ethic is unmatched. If Lil B had a contemporary in porn, Tori Black would be it. Since entering the industry in 2007, she's been in over 200 films. If you just do a bit of math, that's like a scene a week. It's not without merit, though. She was the first pornstar to ever win AVN Performer of the Year back to back in 2010 and 2011, and CNBC named her one of the 12 most popular names in porn earlier this year. In an interview with AVN in March, she said her hunger is what makes her so successful. Sexual hunger is what we think she meant.