Top 10 Bubble Flash Games 2012 April

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Flash® games are interactive media created for online and mobile applications using the Adobe-owned, Macromedia-developed Flash® software. Originally developed as an animation program, programmers and artists began using Flash® to create interactive games using its proprietary ActionScript® code.

Flash® games range from action/adventure, role-playing, simulations, 2D side-scrollers, and puzzle games, to 3D first-person shooters and massive multiplayer (MMOs). There are tens of thousands of games available across the web, and the applications are boundless for developers. With free online Flash® games and even online casino gaming, players are able to enjoy a plethora of unique titles, many with professional production values; solid graphics and sound, engaging storylines and gameplay, simple interfaces, and high replay value. Many of the Flash® games are based on popular existing titles as well, and are as addictive as their console, arcade, and PC counterparts.

1 Bubble Shooter
2 Bubble Tanks 3
3 Bubble Spinner
4 Bubble Struggle 2
5 Bubble Buster
6 Bubble Trouble
7 Bubble Pop
8 Bubble Tanks 2
9 Bubbles 2
10 Bubbles