Top (10 - 3) tips, How to Tighten Breasts: Seven Natural Ways

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It is fact that primarily breasts are made up of fat instead of muscles. Physical exercise can make your muscles strong and tight but no matter how long or hard you exercise you perform it cannot firm up fat. The advantage of exercise remains as, firming up the pectoral muscles under the breasts can give your breasts a little lift and make them more visible and attractive.

We can’t turn back past time and undo the ravages of years or gravity, but there are still a few natural ways to tighten breasts a little and help you feel sexy. There are seven natural ways including change in your lifestyle, some specific exercises and home recipes to firm up the breasts as mentioned here:-

Cut Extra Pounds-Reduce Weight

Belly and breasts have the beauty when belly is in and breasts are out visible. To make the breasts more visible, try to make your belly from fat to flat. And it is possible if tried. Weight loss also helps reducing your breast fat making them firm to bring in cup size.

Swim as Much as you can

As it is known that pectoral muscles building is great helpful to uplift your boobs and make them visible. Swimming is the best exercise and technique to develop pectoral muscles. It also helps to reduce weight and strengthen your heart with other health benefits.

Exercise Pushups to Develop Pectoral Muscles

Pushup exercise has great effect to develop pectoral muscles but normally ignored in gyms. The best technique of doing pushup exercise is to place your hands under your shoulders and the balls of your feet on the ground keeping your body straight like a rod. Exhale breath during body lifting and inhale while folding your elbows. If you can not lift the whole weight of your body the same exercise may also be done by placing your knees on the ground instead of feet, it is quite easy way.

Forearm Pull Exercise

Another supportive exercise is forearm pull. In this exercise grip your forearms with opposite hands, keeping your forearms griped, stretch your arms away from your body. In this way you feel a pull under your arms, keep your hands held in this position for five to 10 seconds then release. Minimum 10 repetitions required.

The Finger Curl Exercise

In front of your chest interlock your fingers of both hands with each other and pull hard to the sides. Pull and hold it for 5-10 seconds, you will feel pull in upper chest and in your shoulders too, if you are performing it in right way.

Arm Circling Exercise

It is very simple and effective exercise to help developing your pectoral muscles and giving your breasts uplift. In this exercise make 10 circles moving your arms forward and them make 10 circles backward. Repeat the exercise two to three times.

Home made Recipe for Emergency Need

Mix well 1tsp of Vitamin E, 1tsp simple yogurt and an egg and make a paste. Massage your breasts with the paste and wait for 20 minutes keeping the paste on your breasts. You may also wear bra after applying paste to keep your clothes safe from stains. After half an hour take a Luke warm bath to wash the paste off and you will find your breasts skin firm and uplifted. This technique is wonderful to meet emergency requirements.