Top 10 hottest German Women 2011

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10. Diane Kruger

Occupation: Actress

She starred alongside Brad Pitt in Troy, then again as the German actress and British spy in Inglorious Basterds. That Nazi ass-kicking really got us going, though. How appropriate for a German girl.

9. Florentine Lahme

Occupation: Actress

Lahme played a student nurse in the German soap Beloved Sisters for 250 episodes. Since then, she's starred in numerous TV movies and series, including the American mini-series Defying Gravity.

8. Collien Fernandez

Occupation: TV Personality/Actress/Model

Collien has appeared in a number of music videos with artists like Shaggy and Enrique Iglesias. These days, she's mostly known for getting kicked out of the Internationale Funkausstellung trade show in Berlin for asking Lady Gaga is she had a penis or a vagina during a press conference.

7. Anna Angelina Wolfers

Occupation: Actress

Anna is a regular on German TV series Sturm der Liebe, where she plays Leonie Preisinger. Her fame abroad has afforded the opportunity to take steamy pics like those from the shoot above, and that's the real win.

6. Heidi Klum

Occupation: Model/TV Personality

Before hosting Project Runway and Germany's Next Top Model, Heidi Klum was only, like, one of the biggest supermodels ever. She's a successful woman to be taken seriously, and she's still stunning. That makes it hard not to turn her catchphrase "Are you in or are you out?" into something sexual.

5. Anna Julia Kapfelsperger

Occupation: Actress

Kapfelsperger danced flamenco for more than 10 years before she went to college to study acting. After two years at a Berlin school of film and acting, she landed her first job on a German soap opera. She showed off her dance moves when her character traveled to Las Vegas to become a showgirl, which we fully supported; Las Vegas is a lot closer to us than Germany.

4. Julia Stegner

Occupation: Model

As a high fashion model, Julia has posed for everyone from the usual suspect designers to the beloved Pirelli calendar. Her status as one of her nation's finest exports isn't going anywhere.

3. Hana Nitsche

Occupation: Model

Nitsche was the runner-up on the second cycle of Germany's Next Top Model. She's also one of the latest ladies to say "Fur? I'd rather go naked" for PETA. We'd rather you go naked, too, Hana.

2. Bettina Zimmermann

Occupation: Actress

Zimmermann is best known for her work in German television and film. While waiting for her big mainstream break, the actress has kept busy by providing the voice for the German dubs of Cars and Kung Fu Panda.

1. Gisele Bundchen

Occupation: Model

Ladies like Naomi Campbell and fellow German hottie Claudia Schiffer argue that Gisele Bundchen is the only true remaining "supermodel." Vogue credits her as the sexy model who ended the "heroin chic" era. Many people know Gisele for her Brazilian heritage, but everyone forgets that Tom Brady's girl is also half-German. Of course, we didn't, and that's why we think she's the hottest German chick to ever exist.