TOP 10 Most Expensive Weddings in The World 2012 May

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This is another interesting post about the weddings. Weddings are not cheap, like in US they cost around $30,000 but money is no issue if you are married to the right person. Well some people really want their marriage to be memorable; some spend millions of dollars on it to show their love to their betrothed. Here we have the top 10 expensive weddings of the world

10. Donald Trump and Melenia Knauss

Donald Trump Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings
They were we in January 22, 2005 and the wedding had a cost of 1 million dollars. This was a Palm Beach Wedding and had a cake that weighed 200 lbs and brides dress cost $200,000 with a 13 foot train, 1500 rhinestones and pearls and weighed around 60 lbs.

9. Tom Cruise and Kattie Holmes

Tom Cruise Wedding Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings
Their wedding cost was $2 Million and it was on 18 November, 2006. It was an amazing spectacle, the bridal party attire was designed by Giorgio Armani. A totally lavish wedding I must say.

8. Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar

Elizabeth Hurley Wedding  Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings
Their marriage cost was $2.5 Million; it was an eight day celebration spanning Europe and Asia.

7. Paul McCartney and Heather Mills

Paul McCartney Wedding  Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings
Their marriage was on 11 June, 2001 and cost was around 3 million dollars. Three hundred guests witnessed this wedding with fireworks and traditional Indian dancers, they spent their wedding night in a 20 million dollar yacht, but their marriage ended in 2008.

6. Liza Minelli and David Gest

liza minelli and david gest Wedding Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings
Their marriage took place in 2002 and cost was $3.5 million, over 850 guests attended it and a 6 foot tall cake with 12 tiers was awesome. More the 700,000 dollars was spent on flowers only.

5. Delphine Arnault and Alessandro Vallarino Gancia

Delphine Arnault Wedding Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings
Delphine is the daughter of a French businessman, her wedding dress was created by a famous designer John Galliano and the venue was decorated with 500 white roses.

4. Wayne Rooney and Colleen McLaughlin

Colleen McLaughlin Wedding Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings
12 June, 2008 was the wedding date and 15 million dollars, their wedding was quite expensive and it was a four day celebration on a yacht with 64 guests flown in on five private jets. The oddest thing about this wedding is that they served pizza at the reception.

3. Vikram Chatwal and Priya Sachdev

vikram chatwal and priya Wedding Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings
Their marriage date was 18 February, 2006 and the cost was $20 million. It was a 10 day celebration with six hundred guest, guests from 26 countries were invited on private jets.

2. Aleksandra Nikolic and Andrei Melnichenko

Aleksandra Kokotovic Wedding Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings
This marriage had a cost of $30 Million
Andrei is a Russian billionaire and their wedding ceremony included performances by Christina Aguilera and Whitney Housten, and both of these women were flown in on private jets.

1. Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia

vanisha mittal and Amit Wedding Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings
Their wedding cost was $78 million, this one is the most expensive weddings of the world, it is also listed in Guinness Book of World Records. It was a five day celebration with 1000 guests. Totally awesome wedding!