Top 10 Miss Ukraine 2012 Contestants, Shows in Ramp on Bikini, Swimware Looks Hot & Sexy

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Miss Ukraine is a national beauty contest in Ukraine and was first held in 1991 in the National Palace "Ukraina".

Today it is one of the top three national beauty contests in Ukraine, others being Miss Ukraine Universe and Queen of Ukraine. Miss Ukraine serves as preliminary for the Miss World and sometimes Miss International. Until 2006 it was the only national beauty contest, participants of which were qualifying for all the international pageant contests. Miss Ukraine still is the most prestigious and broadcast, however other concourses such as Miss Ukraine Universe with the help from Oleksandra Nikolayenko becomes well accepted also.

The first national pageant Miss Ukraine became an eighteen year old university student Olha Ovcharenko/Rechdouni, who was also a semi finalist in "Miss USSR" beauty pageant, and the first runner-up in 1990 Miss Kiev beauty pageant. The participants of Miss Ukraine would qualify to represent Ukraine on the international level such as the Big Four Pageants, Miss Intercontinental as well as continental beauty contests. Miss Universe contest usually was attended by the first runner up of Miss Ukraine. The national beauty contest was reorganized after Miss Ukraine Organization lost its franchise to one of the former pageant winners Oleksandra Nikolayenko (2001). Since 2006 Oleksandra Nikolayenko organizes Miss Ukraine Universe concourse as qualification to Miss Universe independently.

. Natalia Dunych, 19 years, Lviv

2. Lily Barannik, 20, Kiev

3. Elena Harkovenko, 17, Kherson

4. Natalie Singer, 21, Nikolaev

5. Elena Babaryka, 18, ​​Simferopol

6. Tatiana Kostetska, 21 years, Odessa

7. Elena Martsinok, 19, Vinnitsa

8. Alexandera Fuchs, 16, Kirovograd

9. Olga Rubanova, 20 years, Odessa

10. Karina Zhironkina, 21, Kharkov