Top 10 Hot & Sexy Best Wallpapers of Super Models Photo MARIA MILLIONS in Smallest Bikini

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Remember that aged old saying our parents and grandparents use to always tell us, that one about "Not to judge a book by it's cover?" Well here is proof why! Meet Maria Millions, born in Medellin, Colombia on the 16th Day of March 1987, this Latin Model is heating up magazine pages and websites globally!

While still a newcomer in most modeling circles and conversations, this scintillating, bodacious Latin beauty is continuous in her efforts of creating the perfect shot. Maria epitomizes stylish confidence mixed with provocative sensuality. An inspiration to Latina Models Worldwide, Maria has already begun to receive honors a large majority of models would never obtain during their careers.

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Supermodels are highly paid, high profile fashion models. These (usually female) celebrities appear on top fashion magazine covers and in fashion shows. Much more importantly, in financial terms, their appearance in advertising can amount to an endorsement, attracting far greater rewards, especially when they conclude deals to advertise a brand exclusively, as "the face" of that brand.

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