12 Surprising Unknown Benefits of Not Masturbating

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For those of you who think masturbating is really beneficial, you may be right. But you might not know that there are also benefits of not masturbating.

People have been masturbating for as long as time has existed. Although it may have been looked down upon *and still is* in certain cultures and religions, that hasn’t stopped people from sneaking a few moments of pleasure when they were all alone.

Some people masturbate every single day, some a few times a week, and some only on the rarest of occasions. The number of people who don’t masturbate at all are very, very few, and they typically don’t do so mostly because of their own beliefs.

Why do people usually masturbate?

If you’re wondering why some people choose to use their own means of getting off rather than having someone else help them out, you’ve come to the right place. There are so many different reasons why one would choose to masturbate.

Some might be exploring what they like, others aren’t getting enough sex from their significant other to satiate their desires, and others do it simply because it feels good. [Read: Going solo: The 15 sexy benefits of masturbation]

Unknown benefits of masturbating that will surprise you

While there are plenty of reasons why some people choose to give themselves a good time, there are also a lot of people who refuse to masturbate altogether. Either they used to masturbate and have now stopped, or they never have before and choose to keep things that way.

Those who choose not to masturbate may experience certain benefits that you can’t get when you do pleasure yourself. These unknown benefits could be just what you’re looking for in life. Here are all of the benefits of not masturbating that you may have never come across before.

#1 The real thing will be SO much better. When you stop masturbating and actually have the opportunity to get laid by a real person and not just your hand, sex will be way better than you have ever experienced before.

Since masturbating gets rid of that sexual desire, you’re not nearly as turned on as you could be when it comes time to do the real deed. That can result in sex that is less than satisfactory. Sure, you’ll come, but it won’t be as releasing as if you were to abstain from masturbating. [Read: Why is sex important in a relationship?]

#2 You’ll find it easier to orgasm. This is the biggest reason for girls in particular to stop masturbating. When you give up pleasing yourself and bringing about your own orgasm, you’ll be more likely to get one when you’re with someone else.

Every time someone has an orgasm, it takes them longer the next time to finish – unless they abstain from masturbating. If you keep finishing yourself off regularly, it will take longer and longer for you to get there the next time you try. [Read: Dry humping and the virgin’s guide to orgasms]

#3 You’ll be more productive. Masturbating takes up a lot of your time, especially if you’re someone who uses porn to accompany this habit. Just think about how much more you could be getting done in a day if you never masturbated!

#4 You’ll have a lot more energy. Another negative thing masturbating does is tire you out. After getting done finishing yourself off, you barely have any energy to get up, let alone do something productive.

#5 You’ll feel less guilty. Whether you believe in a religion that says masturbation is a sin or you’re only feeling guilty on a subconscious level, there’s no doubt that guilt plays a huge role in your overall mood when you’re consistently masturbating.

A lot of people carry around this guilt without even realizing it. They feel drained, depressed, and even anxious, all because they masturbate on a regular basis. [Read: How to fantasize about someone else and not feel guilty]

#6 It’ll be way easier to get aroused. I mean it will take virtually NOTHING for you to get turned on. This benefit of not masturbating can specifically help those who struggle with their libido.

When you quit masturbating, you’ll find that even the slightest amount of skin on skin action will get you hot enough to have sex right then. Men, if you quit masturbating, you’ll start waking up with raging boners as if you were a 14-year-old again.

#7 You’ll be less anxious. Anxiety can hit you out of the blue and build up for a lot of reasons. But normally, people don’t know what those reasons are and have to deal with their anxiety on a regular basis.

What if I told you that masturbating could be adding to your anxiety? Not only does the subconscious guilt of doing it affect your anxiety, but you’re also affected by the addictive properties of masturbating. If you don’t masturbate, you’ll break that addiction and your anxiety will lessen greatly. [Read: What it feels like to experience anxiety in a relationship]

#8 You can even get rid of depression. A large number of people report feeling happy when they give up masturbating. This could be due to the fact that masturbating does give you so much guilt and exhaustion that you don’t have the energy to deal with everyday troubles. Stop masturbating, and you’ll start feeling much better.

#9 You’ll feel more connected during sex. Another benefit of not masturbating is that you’ll feel more connected and affectionate during sex. A lot of people who masturbate feel like it’s up to them to take care of their needs even while having sex with someone else.

But if you stop masturbating, you’re letting the other person take the reigns, and this will allow you to feel more connected to them. This also means that the sex will be so much better, because it always is when you’re emotionally bonded to the other person. [Read: Does it matter if you’re making love or having sex?]

#10 You’ll have more interest in one person. Scientists have discovered that those who masturbate frequently usually watch porn to get themselves off. This has translated to those same people feeling a need to get variety in their sex lives, just like they get when they switch between videos.

So if you stop masturbating, you’ll no longer feel that need to have such a variety once you get past the addictive behavior of porn watching and masturbating. You’ll be happier with just one person. [Read: 16 signs you’re not ready for a serious relationship]

#11 You’ll be more focused on specific tasks. For all of you who feel like you have ADHD, it could have something to do with the fact that you masturbate all the time. Those who masturbate have sex on their mind an awful lot.

This means that while they should be working on one thing, they’re thinking of masturbating. When you stop masturbating, you’ll stop thinking about sex so much and will thus be able to focus on the task at hand without any interruptions.

#12 You’ll be freed of anything that comes from addictive behavior. We all know that addictions are bad. They take over your life and can affect you in such negative ways.

But did you know that masturbating triggers the same areas of the brain that using addictive substances do? That’s because it is addictive, and one of the best benefits of not masturbating is that it frees you from any addictive behaviors.

Masturbating is completely natural and tons of people do it on a regular basis. But if you’re feeling like you could use some positivity in your life, knowing the benefits of not masturbating can help you to make an important decision.