Top 10 Hot Photos of Reunion Models, Hot & Sexy Models Pamela Diaz From Chile

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On May 10, 2005, Pamela, along with 13 other participants, joined the Channel 13 reality show La Granja Vip, where he should live more than three months caring for the animals and harvesting their own food. During the first week, had fights with some companions of confinement as the Kathy Barriga dancer, actress and teacher Sandra O'Ryan Leonenko Ukrainian Viktoria. Because of this, the Chilean press christened it "La Fiera Vip". Pamela was the first elimindas after losing in a competition to Santiago Sanchez, but re-entered the fourth week of "playoff" be immediately removed by Kathy Barriga.

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After this reality, Diaz participated in a few weeks in a section of the Channel 13 morning show as a commentator for La Granja Vip. Later, Pamela was hired by the SQP program of Chilevision as "opinóloga" (celebrity commentator). It was in this program where Pamela Diaz figured just for participating in television scandals that fueled many publications of the national tabloids.

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