Top 10 Hot & Best Wallpapers of Katrina Kaif 2012

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Love is in the air for Katrina Kaif . There's someone special who has caught her attention and is keeping her super busy these days. Well before you kill us for toying with your curiosity, let us tell you that Katrina's current boyfriend goes by the name Czar and Kats met him on the sets of her film 'Tees Maar Khan'. And now if it doesn't still ring a bell, Czar is Farah Khan's two and a half year old son.

Looks like the pranks on Twitter are getting only too obvious. Now, when a self-proclaimed billionaire like KRK says he has signed on Katrina Kaif for his next film, we can only stare at the post in disbelief and realize only too soon that it is an April Fool's joke. KRK's attempt at humour unfortunately falls flat as his Twitter followers were'nt fooled.

Are you a die hard Katrina Kaif fan? A limited range of collectible bottles inspired by the actress has been launched and fans can get a chance to own them by winning a contest. The bottles have been launched as part of a campaign by beverage brand Slice, endorsed by Katrina. These bottles are not just for everybody to buy, and neither do they contain any beverage inside.

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