Top 10 free email providers

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When choosing a free email provider you must consider that what’s best for you may not be great for someone else. Therefore your free email account may have all the features you need but it may not be so great for your mother who wants something a lot simpler. Choose one that fits with your needs, a computer scientist has different needs to the rest of us and he will understand some of the complicate jargon that goes with some of the free email providers. There are over 1400 providers, to go through them all could take a life time below are my Top 10 email providers. Remember read all of them before you make your choice.Please note the below is not in order of preference.

10) Gmail:
The search giant released gmail to try and conquer our email addresses and a good job they did of it. Nowadays many people have a gmail account. The name is memorable the storage space incredible but the interface is a little slow and bulky as far as Im concerned,

9) Yahoo:
ahoo free mail offers unlimited storage space one of the few companies to do so. Its control panel is fairly straight forward and it has a number of nice features such as its integration with calendars and maps. However some users find all the dragging of files a little tiresome.

8) Hotmail:
Hotmail from MSN is my personal choice. It offers more space than you could possibly ever use. It’s accessible and now has the live version. However people often complain about the large banner ads at the side of the screen. Something I never even noticed.

7) Email:
The biggest advantage of email’s free web mail service is in the name. It’s not easy to forget an email that ends in This clever marketing is leading to many people signing up to the email. However it doesn’t have the power or storage space of some its large rivals.

6) Lycos:
 Lycos was once a popular email provider, however as time passed by it has been over taken by its more sophisticated rivals. One of lycos biggest advantages is that it can block span. No more junk mail in your in box.

5) AOL :
Aol is a company that has been providing free email since the dawn of the internet. No doubt they have learned a lot from their time in the ecommerce business. Although AOL is known as one of the most secure providers and for given there users unlimited storage space they fall down when it comes to ease of use.

4)Goowy :
Goowy is certainly one of the lesser known providers. It’s for been cool and customizable. It’s ideal for artists or those who like things that are aesthetically pleasing. It offers extra widgets such as games and calendars. It may be considered a little complicated and over excessive for beginners.

3)Care2 :
Care2 is a free email provider with a conscience. Originally it was a community site to help to meet via the internet and to approach social issues. However it introduced a free email service from it donates 10% of its advertising revenue to charity.

2)Gawab :
Gawab is a free email provider that is easy to use and gives you 10GB of storage. It’s safe reliable and easy to use, its kind of like the Volkswagen of cars reliable but with nothing to fancy going on.

1)Fast mail :
It’s a fast affective service that gets a lot of interest from regular web users. It has many useful features and doesn’t over do it on the advertising. However it does let itself down a bit when it comes to spam filtering.