Top 10 Antivirus 2011

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Top 10 Antivirus 2011. Now you need not to worry about which antivirus you should choose for your pc. You can download any of the given below top antivirus software for your pc.

1. BitDefender

This is most popular and highly recommended antivirus. Its features are:
a. IM Ecryption to keep your chats private.
b. Search Advisor to block any suspicious file from downloading.
c. A highly customizable interface.
d. Laptop Mode to save on battery.
e. Automatically updates itself within few hours.
f. Free 24/7 support.

2. Kaspersky

a. Real time protection against spams and viruses.
b. Hourly Updates.
c. System Analyzer which detects any suspicious activity on your PC.
d. Vulnerability detection seeks out recommended patches and updates for various programs.
e. Anti Phishing.
f. Virtual Keyboard to help secure your entries on banking and shopping transactions.

3. ESET Nod 32

a. Stops any suspicious services and trojans that may intrude your computer.
b. Stops threats that may enter through various removable devices so you can share files easily without any worries.
c. SysInspector and SysRescue that performs system scan and diagnosis with confidence.
d. Self Defense prevents malwares and spywares.
e. SSL encrypted.
f. Free technical support.

4. AVG

a. Scans smartly and fast.
b. Surf and Download confidently and securely.
c. Protection against phishing and fraud sites.
d. Keeps threats out of system.
e. Support and assistance.

5. Norton

a. Integrated Anti-Spyware and Anti-rootkit.
b. Bot Protection.
c. Pulse Updates.
d. Networking Mapping to detect any threats from networks.
e. SONAR 3 Behavioral Protection which scans your computer for suspected programs.
f. Norton Bootable Recovery Tool that creates backups regularly.

6. Avira

a. Anti Ad/Spyware.
b. Anti Phishing protects against phishing.
c. Anti Rootkit.
d. Mail Guard scans all your incoming emails and FTP transfers.
e. Rescue System creates backup time to time.
f. AntiVirProActiv.
g. AHeAD Technology detects unknown viruses by their profiles.
h. Netbook Support.
i. Avira Support.

7. McAfee

a. Anti Spyware.
b. On-access file scanner.
c. Daily updating of virus database.
d. Site Advisor which displays the safety rating of various websites that we surf.
e. System Guards which protects your computer.
f. X-Ray rootkit detection.

8. Avast

a. Built on certified antivirus engine.
b. File System Shield.
c. Mail Shield scans all your attachments and mails.
d. Web Shield protects against any HTTP proxies.
e. P2P shield protects from P2P file viruses.
f. Script Blocker disables any malicious script.
g. Network Shield which acts as an intrusion detection system.

9. Trend Micro

a. Light Weight.
b. Anti-spyware.
c. Real Time Updates.
d. Cloud Technology support which helps in creating backups.
e. Automatic protection.
f. Streamlined interface.

10. Webroot

a. VB100 certifications.
b. Spy Sweeper that protects against spywares.
c. Easy to use protection.
d. blocks, detects and removes threats.
e. Great value for money.