Top 10 Hot Pictures of Summer Walker, Hot & Sexy Bikini Models From Atlanta, Georgia, US

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Bombshell in the making, Summer Patrice Scalisi Walker was born on September 28, 1984. She was raised in a small town named Beaumont, texas right outside of Houston, texas. Growing up she was very quiet and pretty much stuck to herself. Social events were not on her major priority list of things to do, she mostly spent her nights at home reading, writing poetry or just talking on the phone with friends. While in high school she took band, and music seemed to be her passion as well as dance. Alot of times this is what she had to turn to in order to keep her sane and maintaing a positive attitude. Just like a small town she was critized for her dreams and aspirations as an aspiring actress.

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She hopes down the line to be able to help young women and children gain confidence in whatever they want to do in life. These goals and aspirations are not just for her career and satisfaction but to be able to show the world that you can complete your dreams and reach your goals all you need is to make the right decisions based off of in-detailed research and drive. Summer Walker will one day be a household name. Who I'd like to meet: I would love to meet Oprah actually. She is an inspiration to me as a leader and a woman.

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