World Top 10 Flowers/Plants By Squidoo

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10. Baby's Breath

Baby's breath always seems to be a secondary thought for arrangement. It is still needed to give an arrangement some variety. I remember my grandmother having baby's breath in her front garden. I think the group was about 3 feet by 3 feet! I haven't planted any baby's breath yet, but when I find the right location I will. I might even try it this summer!

9. Ferns

Ferns - just saying the name relaxes me! You can look at them and feel cooler (since they grow in the shade) and calmer (green is very calming!). Ferns used to cover the north side of my grandparents home. I haven't had the right place to grow ferns - yet. I will someday!

8. Tulips

Tulips also say Spring to me! (Can you tell by know that I love Spring!) When I was in high school our band went to the Pella Tulip fesitval every year. It was so much fan after the parade to wander around the town and look at all those tulips! Beautiful! I also love how tulips look in a vase - I just wished they lasted longer!

7. Hyacinths

Hyacinths just say Spring is coming! I used to buy the plants in the grocery store so I could have it blooming in my house. I loved the scent! I have one hyacinth in my garden - I need more!

6. Iris

Iris' are a very interesting flower - they have a beard! I like the way they look. These were also flowers that my mother had in her garden - and ones that we took cuttings of and took them to the cemetery on Memorial Day.

I currently have two kinds of Iris' in my garden - they live in the same little area but I need to move the "traditional" ones so they have more room to expand. I have traditional and Japanese Iris'. I got the Japanese Iris' because they were suppose to do well in wet areas. I have an area by a downspout that never seems to dry out (even in the drought!). This plant has flourished in this area!

5. Peony Bush

I'm pretty sure this one is definitely a bush! My mom had peony bushes growing off our front porch. It was one of those flowers that we might take cuttings from and take them to the cemetery on Memorial Day. We even planted a type of Peony Bush on my grandmothers grave that is suppose to bloom on Mother's Day. The colors and flowers are beautiful. I remember when I was growing up seeing black ants crawling on the buds. I was told that the ants didn't harm the plants, they actually helped them to bloom. I'm not sure how accurate that is, I have a peony bush in my garden. It hasn't bloomed yet. Of course, I haven't seen any ants crawling on the buds yet either.

4. Gladiolus

 I love these flowers! I will buy them in the store to decorate my table if mine aren't blooming! The variety of colors just boggles the mind! I do have these planted in my garden and they are doing VERY well! So well that I "should" divide them and spread them out! I'm just not sure when I "should" do this!

3. Snowball Bush/Tree

 I grew up calling this a snowball bush. When I met my husband - he pointed out a plant that he called a snowball bush - it was not the same thing! I believe his was a hydrangea bush. I believe that what I grew up with was a snowball tree. The flowers were tiny and compact and about the size of a snowball you would make with your hand - right before you threw it at someone! I loved it when the tree was covered with the flowers - so pretty. I found this plant recently and planted it in my garden. It hasn't bloomed yet, but I'm hoping it will take off soon!

2. Lily of the Valley

My next favorite flower is lily of the valley. I'm partial to this flower because it is my birth month flower! I also like the scent - a little light, not too heavy. I haven't been able to grown this flower in the South yet. I guess I haven't found the right location - I think it likes shade. And maybe the soil could be wrong for it - we have a lot of clay around here! Someday I'll have my lily of the valley blooming in my garden!

1. Lilac Tree

The Lilac tree is one of my favorite flowering trees/bushes. I'm not sure if it is a tree or bush - I just know that I like it! I like any of the colors - purple (most popular), white, blues. I used lilacs for a table centerpiece for my graduation. My mom had planted a lilac tree a few years before I graduated. She told me that it could take up to 5 years before it bloomed. I "really" wanted lilacs at my graduation party! They actually bloomed in time for graduation! I have this plant in my garden - however it hasn't bloomed yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!