Top 10 Tips To Increase Your Google Adsense Earning - Revenue

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Google Adsense is the most excitable term for a publisher.Every publisher dream to create an Google Adsense account so he can earn some handsome revenue from his blog.But most of the publishers are not getting what they deserve.Due to the lack of guidance they are not taking the full advantage of their Google Adsense account this is the reason why day by day their earning is consistently dropping.

If you apply the correct tips and the possible techniques to your Adsense account you will surely see a big difference in your earning as currently Google Adsense is only advertising program which shares about 68% publisher revenue.

So this is the reason why today we will going to share The Top 20 tips which will increase your Google Adsense earning for sure.These Google Adsense tips are highly professional so it will guarantee increase your revenue.

In this post we will cover the Top 10 tips to increase your Google Adsense Earning while next 10 logical and effective tips will be shared in the coming days.

1.Follow the Rules If Not Get Banned:
This is the biggest mistake which publishers usually do. They never read the TOS (Terms of Service) thinking that it will not effect there earning. But as we all know Google is really big organization, to make your blog a big empire you need to follow what Google says. Google Adsense rules are getting so much strict that if you will violate a single rule you have to face the detention in form of getting banned. So its better to follow the rules and regulations to keep on continuing with Adsense.

2.Placing Ads on in Your Header:
Google adsense works on Pageviews, CTR and Ad clicks. If you will place your Google Adsense ad banner in your header the ad banner would receive 100 percent coverage from the blog as it will be appearing on each and every page of your blog. This will not only increase the chances of earning but it will make your CTR% as low as possible.

3.Use Adsense in RSS:
If you have good amount of RSS reader and RSS email subscribers then you can choose Adsense for feeds which will monetize your RSS FEEDS which will bring extra revenue.

4.Selecting Correct Ad Location:
You should keep your ads besides your header or even below your header as it will receive the 100% coverage from the audience. Never use Ads in middle of your content as it annoy readers.

5.Customizing your Ads: 
Its important to make your Google Ads look a like your website. Adsense allows you to customize the background color, text style, font color to make your ads resemble with your website.

6.Use Banners And Ad Unit:
To receive the maximum earning from Google Adsense. You should use the multiple Ads Banner and Ads Unit to maximize your earning.

7.Publish Fresh Content:
To earn more with Google Adsense you need to post fresh content to your blog which will not only increase your earning but it will also bring targeted traffic to your blog.

8.Using all possible features of Adsense:
You should take advantages of all the features that Google adsense offers to increase your revenue like Google For Search, Google For Feeds and even producing your tutorial videos at YouTube could also increase your Adsense revenue.

9.Promote your site with Google Adwords:
You must use Google AdWords to bring targeted audience to your blog which will increase your traffic with Adsense earning.

10.Using Image and Text Ads together:
Instead of choosing Text ads you should select both Text and Banner ads. It will increase your Adsense earning really rapidly because it will display both text and high rich media advertisements.

So these were the top 10 Tips to increase your Adsense earning thats it for now.You have to wait till tomorrow when we will publish the remaining 10 tips to increase your Revenue till then peace blessing and happy earning.