Top 10 Massage Tips

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1. The person being massaged should be as comfortable and relaxed as possible -  You can dim the lights, put on soft music, and silence any other distractions such as telephones in order to make the relaxation process easier.

2. Use essential oils – when you use essential oils it limits the pulling of skin and hairs when you are giving a massage and makes for a better massage experience. Be sure to start by putting the oil in your hands and rubbing them together to warm up the oil, otherwise it might be too cold for the person being massaged.

3. Try lighting candles – many people find candle light relaxing, so this might help make the experience more pleasant.

4. Keep the room at a comfortable temperature – You don’t want the person getting a massage to be too cold or too hot. Make sure that the room is kept at a comfortable temperature, and that you keep warm towels over any part of the patient that isn’t being worked on.

5. Start with the back – The massage experience tends to be best when you start by massaging up and down a patient’s back. Have the person start out lying comfortably on their stomach on a massage table or other comfortable surface, with pillows to prop up any body parts as needed.

6. Vary your massage strokes – Start out with up and down strokes on the back, then move on to a circular motion, using larger circles near the top of the back and smaller circles near the bottom of the back and the hips. This is usually found to be very relaxing for people getting a massage.

7. Vary the pressure and speed of your massage – During the massage you should change the speed and the pressure that you are applying from time to time. Sometimes use a gentler touch and sometimes use a more firm touch.

8. Keep the relaxation going – after a massage, the patient should try to remain relaxed and take deep breaths. You don’t want to rush them off the table and out the door as this would minimize the benefits of the massage.

9. Provide water – drinking plenty of water after the massage will help to increase the benefits and help remove the toxins from the body that were released during the massage.

10. Suggest a bath – another way to continue the relaxation process is to take a nice bath after getting a massage. Suggest this to your clients.