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Shradha Sharma is an angel. She is talented, beautiful and true to her promises. She is not someone who would cheat on her boyfriend. What more can a man want. She has given me immense happiness and I have begun my life all over again. The media keeps doing that to sell their papers and raise the TRPs of the news channels. They don’t even bother to ask me. I wonder how they can print such things without even checking with me. I have been the ‘bali ka bakra’ or sacrificial lamb. Kuch bhi ho to Raja Chaudhary ke nam par bill faad do.

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There are some issues which have to be resolved yet which she (Shweta Tiwari) is not ready to discuss or resolve. She is doing things which are detrimental for the future of my daughter. My daughter is a little kid. She is not ready for the tamasha and drama of the television industry and reality shows. And whenever I try to confront her with the unresolved issues, she makes false accusations against me and files false complaints. She is trying to avoid facing the truth and the facts of life. Anyway I don’t want to discuss this as it’s very personal, but all that I can say is that I am the real victim in this case and injustice is being done to be. And the media is using me as their favourite punching bag or ‘bali ka bakra’. I am made the villain every time. How many people can I explain this to? I can’t keep giving interviews all day. I am producing my own films. I have work to do.

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