Top 10 Hot & Sexy Looks of Rosario Dawson: An Exotic Beauty (Photos)

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One look at Rosario Dawson and you are able to tell that she's not your average American. No, the jet-black dark hair, symmetry of the face and exotic brown eyes reveal that there's more to her heritage. Dawson's mother is of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent and her father is of Irish ancestry.

She had a very roof childhood with her family squatted for most of it in abandoned buildings in Manhattan's Lower East Side. She had childhood dreams of becoming a marine biologist.

She's cast as the lead in The Haunted World of El Superbeasto (animation). This film is in post-production and has no set release date as yet. Seven Pounds (drama) will team her up once again with Will Smith. This film is in post-production phase. Her final film for 2008 is Poor Things.