Top 10 Sexiest Men 2012 April

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  1. Materialism sees man as composed of nothing more than material components. His intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects are nothing but products of his material nature acting according to the rules of physics and biology.
  2. Implications:
    1. Man is not responsible for his behavior. The environment is to blame for unacceptable behavior. (Leads to emphasis on social programs, big government)
    2. Man is not distinguishable from the other material of creation. Therefore, he has no dignity or inherent worth. Animals (or even plants) have the same inherent worth as people.
    3. Man's identity is not in any way related to God. Therefore, man is in some sense ultimate, which is idolatrous.

  3. Idealism sees man as essentially a spiritual being, and his physical body is foreign to his essence. The body is nothing but a shell for the spirit or the intellect.
  4. Implications:
    1. Man's body is neglected.
    2. Deeds done in the body do not pollute the essence of the person.
    3. Male/female identity is a biological accident.

  5. The Christian view holds these two aspects - the material and the spiritual - together in perfect harmony. But the Christian view goes beyond that.
David Beckham has been crowned “The Sexiest Man on the Planet” in Britain’s heat magazine’s inaugural 101 Hottest Hunks in the World list. See which other hot male celebs made the list.
Number 10 on the list is former Disney heartthrob Zac Efron.
Number nine on the list is the super hot Aussie, Hugh Jackman.
The number eight spot goes to the slightly kooky but always gorgeous, Johnny Depp.
Number seven is the brawny Tom Hardy.
The number six spot belongs to Twilight hottie, Robert Pattinson.
Boy next door Jake Gyllenhaal takes the number five spot.
Blue-eyed Bradley Cooper is at number four on the hot-list.
Green Lantern‘s Ryan Reynolds takes third place.
The dashing Ryan Gosling nabs the number two spot.
Number one is British football hero and devoted dad, David Beckham.