Top 10 hot model Smita Thapa in Spicy Green dress

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Short Interview
There was a very hot interview of a model, Smita Thapa, in Saptahik, the sister publication of Nepal’s top newspaper, Kantipur. The interview titled “I need a man not a husband” claims that the model Smita Thapa uses men as toys and she uses men only for her sexual needs. Claiming to be the first public revelation of her private life, Smita talks about her decade long sex life. Smita started revealing more details of her sex life as the whiskey she was drinking took control of her.

Although Smita says that she is not a call girl, her life style doesn’t look much less. Her preference of older men and her experiences in a car might be exciting to read but the interview looked more like and advertisement of a call girl than a genuine interview. It left me wondering why such a reputed magazine didn’t feel like censoring all the details of sexual relationships.

It left me wondering why they left-out the contact details of Smita. Rates would have been much useful!