Top 10 +10 Most expensive Google AdSense Keywords of 2012

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AdSense is a contextual Cost per click(CPC) based ad network run by Google.As this is a CPC based system so it has an unique algorithm to determine Cost of a particular click.Some times for competition cost of a keyword become too high (about $50 to $60).Here I am sharing some of these Most expensive Google AdSense Keywords of the year 2012

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Most expensive Google AdSense Keywords of 2012

Here are the list of TOP 20 most expensive keywords from where Google makes a lots of money.In last year Google made $33.3 billion in revenues.And some parts of these revenues comes from these most expensive keywords.

Keyword Cost Per Click
Insurance $54.91
Treatment $37.18
Loans $44.28
Attorney $47.07
Mortgage $47.12
Hosting $31.91
Rehab $33.59
Classes $35.04
Transfer $29.86
Recovery $42.03
Software $35.29
Claim $45.51
Trading $33.19
Lawyer $42.51
Donate  $42.02
Credit $36.06
Conference Call $42.05
Degree $40.61
Gas/Electricity $54.62
Cord Blood $27.80